Passive Job Seekers

Passive Jobseekers

We know that 78% of Australian professionals consider themselves passive jobseekers, meaning that they  are usually employed, reasonably content, or not, open to consider new opportunities through network connections  and are happy to discuss options with a recruiter.

If you are not totally satisfied in what you’re doing but not dissatisfied enough to go job hunting then be encouraged, “You’re not alone!” 

Why don’t you join our ever increasing Passive Jobseekers network? 

Bunyon Recruitment’s passive job seeker network is confidential and we will only communicate with you via the channels you nominate. We will notify you of any matching job prospects prior to posting and we will note your interest and prioritise your application. If there is a good match with the Client criteria we will set-up a discreet face-to-face meeting around your current work commitments.   

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