Talent Sourcing

Talent Sourcing


Talent sourcing can be a real headache if you entrust recruiting to a novice or sub standard recruiters.

When outsourcing talent recruiting in Adelaide and South Australia, what should you expect?

Sound experience and a wide pool of premium candidates are what every Employer would expect at base level in a list of criteria from the recruiter.

At Bunyon Recruitment, we are great at talent sourcing and you can entrust your outsourcing of talents to us. Our management with 20 years of recruiting and professional care, Passive Job Seekers Network, wide Business And Social Connections, Targeted Searching, Candidate Database and New Job Advertising produce the best results for our clients. A new Affiliates Program will be introduced shortly.

Our fresh energetic approach in seeking and thorough screening of the highest quality candidates produce a win/win situation for all parties.


The Passive Job Seekers Network is a service we provide to potential candidates where they are rewarded by being notified first of interested new job opportunities. Some of these passive job seekers are currently employed and would consider moving but are not personally actively seeking new employment. Bunyon Recruitment maintains direct contact with our Passive Job Seekers allowing us to also reach MORE Potential candidates through Referrals.



Through our own database, business connections and social networks, Bunyon's recruiting specialists  uses these connections to source and network with premium candidates.



Where you have identified a particular candidate that you would like to discuss the possibility of employment – who is currently employed and may not be actively seeking other employment, Bunyon Recruitment can stand in as your proxy and discreetly approach the individual on your behalf. This is done while maintaining your anonymous identity until the approached candidate has shown genuine interest in the role. This service is commonly known as headhunting recruiting service.



Our large database of candidates means more high quality potential candidates to select from.



Posting of well written Job Adverts to attract the type of quality candidates that our Bunyon Recruiters would expect and our preferred proven methodology in the recruiting process do produce exceptional candidates.


AFFILIATES PROGRAM (new service coming)

Be on the look out for our new Affiliates Program which will reward referrals of candidates in successful placements.


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