Full Recruitment Services

Full Recruitment Services

Employing people is an expensive exercise. Inability to retain staff is another expensive exercise. Recruitment is a specialised field, highly costly if you don't know what you are doing! Recruitment is sensitive to shortcuts and it takes years of experience to recruit well. Also, if it goes wrong, there are many hidden and direct costs which set your business back.....and can you afford it in today's climate?


Bunyon Recruitment Recruits Strategically!

Bunyon advices employers on cultivating a supportive and attractive work environment to attract and retain high quality employees. From Induction, Flexible Work Conditions, Salary Reviews, Performance Reviews, Learning and Development and Succession Planning to Career Path Progression.

Bunyon employment agency is a privately owned Australian Recruitment firm based in Adelaide with many years of proven experience to source and attract the perfect employees and it’s worth every dollar invested! 


Bunyon Recruitment can help source the 'right fit' employee!

Bunyon Recruitment's recruiting process, shaped through years of experience is thorough and precise at every level. Candidate Selection is made through much more than skills and experience. Although they are important they are not the only criteria we are looking for on your behalf. We are assessing attitude, character, personality, assimilation, passion, cultural and team fit. When you engage our services we are working hard to find the right ‘fit’ for you. Our expectations are high and our experienced Recruiters take the necessary time to fully assess the candidate.


Employers, our attractive 10% or Flat Fee 'Exclusive Service' is affordable!

Our End-to-End Interview Process is structured in a casual environment for best outcome:

                           ♦   AGREE on terms and conditions

                           ♦   CLIENT pays retainer. This "flags" the commencement of the recruitment project 

                           ♦   RESEARCH your business Culture, Reporting Structure, Responsibilities

                                and obtain (or prepare) Position Description for the new employee

                           ♦   PRODUCE AND PUBLISH a dynamic, attractive job advertisement

                           ♦   REVIEW our Passive Job Seekers Network and database for candidate

                           ♦   RECEIVE AND RESPOND to all applicants responding to the job Ad

                           ♦   SHORTLIST applicants through CV review and phone screening

                           ♦   THOROUGH ASSESSMENT INTERVIEW through face-to-face meeting 

                           ♦   PREPARE Detailed Candidate Submission Report for Client’s shortlist

                           ♦   ARRANGE CLIENT INTERVIEWS for final selection 

                           ♦   OPTIONAL SKILLS, PSYCHOMETRIC ASSESSMENTS are available

                           ♦   REFERENCING/VALIDATION of historical work history                   

                           ♦   PRESENT letter of appointment to successful candidate, start date/time & report

                           ♦   NOTIFY unsuccessful Candidates 

                           ♦   YOU make final payment on project completion

                                This Activates the 6 month guarantee (see Corporate Agreement)

                                 * Additional service            ** Optional extra

                           Staffing is one of the most critical areas of any business.

                           Our Recruitment Expertise will help you secure the best candidates

                           Contact our National Recruiting Consultants TODAY 08 8238 3490


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