Intuitive Recruiting Service

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Employers can trust Bunyon Recruitment's Recruiting Services, gained from their team's 20 years of knowledge and experience. Bunyon Recruitment is a privately owned South Australian Adelaide-based boutique agency. Having formerly co-owned BOSS Personnel (Aust.) Pty Ltd for 12 years, our success comes from their integrity and best practices. 

As a client, you can be confident that Bunyon Consultants are professional and committed to provide comprehensive HR Solutions for every client's employment and human resources needs.

Bunyon Recruitment can customise their delivery process to suit each client's specific business and industry. Their experienced Recruiters will always consult with personal, thorough and professional care.

Full Recruitment Service

Full Service is an end-to-end model developed to minimise the time commitment of employer decision-makers. We know time is precious and that you are looking for the best outcome in the smallest time frame. With Bunyon Recruitment’s thorough expertise, as in 'they don't cut corners to get the job done'. Your selected candidates will be the best fit for your organisation, so you are positioned to Stay Ahead of the Game. Read More.....

Partial Recruitment Service

Partial Service is a customisable model that allows an organisation to be more ‘hands-on’ with their recruitment solution. This is best suited for decision-makers that have existing processes or resources already dedicated to a recruitment solution or are finding that they can handle most of the recruitment themselves except for a particular stage or stages. Their Partial Service allows them to work with you – but you're in the driver’s seat. Read More…

Human Resources Solutions

Bunyon Recruitment is all about tracking down the best talent for your team, right? Yes, but that’s not all we do. Bunyon Recruitment also can look deeper under the hood of your organisation with one of our Business Consultants to see where your organisation may be suffering or where it could perform better through adopting industry best practices. This could be through HR practices but also moves into every facet of human activity whether this be lead generation, sales close rates, WHS and more. Read More…

Talent Sourcing

Bunyon Recruitment offers a range of specialist services that assist you in finding that team member who can make the difference between a good team and a great team. Be it discreetly opening negotiation with a specific individual you have identified but are unable to approach directly, or accessing a range of candidates that are not actively searching for work, but would consider the right job when offered to them – Bunyon Recruitment can help you to Stay Ahead of the Game. Read More…

Workplace Training - Employer's Resource

Bunyon Recruitment is one arm of a more holistic approach to staffing and HR solutions. Although Bunyon Recruitment’s specialty is to locate and attract skilled team members, Bunyon Training Consultancy is another arm that can work hand-in-hand with your organisation to retain and develop your existing team members and help you to invest in your staffing infrastructure more comprehensively. Read more…




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