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Workplace Training

Custom Solutions for Employers

Staff retention is a critical function of HR in today’s competitive climate. Not only are the investment in skills and training lost each time a staff member leaves but the key relationships fostered are disadvantaged when resignations occur due to lack of training and satisfaction.

Employees are forced to move due to an unsatisfactory workplace where there is no proper training and yet they are expected to perform. One of the key issues of staff turnover is the perception of being undervalued and untrained.

In today's economic climate where financial incentives may not always be possible, the employer can show they value their staff by investing in their personal development and training.


In-house Custom Learning & Development Program

Bunyon Training Consultancy assists National and Local Businesses by working collaboratively with the selected Accredited Training Provider and the Employer and their Management team to eventualise a wholistic workplace training program. There is no better training system than a systemic In-house custom L&D program to meet the current and long term skills needs of the business. What is developed is your Intellectual Property.

Bunyon Consultancy is allied to National Accredited Training Providers with proven history in successful development of internal training systems for national key brands and small to medium enterprises. 

The training program is developed to the Organisation's Vision, Culture, Direction, Goals and People Development Needs with Specific Milestones Training Outcomes.

Unique training content is designed to engage the participants through blended delivery to help staff retain learning and successful application in the workplace.

Bunyon's L&D advisory service and the L&D program are affordable for real workforce development solutions.


Save Time And Costs

Bunyon Training Consultancy also work cohesively with national corporates, medium to small businesses and successful RTOs on the perfect training solutions and available funding.

Bunyon's Services removes confusion, saves the employer time and efficiency in their training initiative, reduce training costs and access appropriate training funding where available.

Brokering or Referring to a select chosen number of 10 high quality accredited, private Registered Training Providers who facilitate up to MBA level qualifications for real workforce development solutions. 

VET FEE-HELP is available on certain courses and funded/subsidised courses are also offered by the RTOs in each state.


Traineeship/Apprenticeship National Advice

Sometimes, employers will want to enrol an employee in a national qualification or into Traineeship or Apprenticeship. Bunyon offers these advisory services as well.

Best of all, Bunyon Training Consultancy services for Qualification Enrolment are FEE FREE to Employers through their arrangement with the RTO.

Here are some questions employers may want answers:

  • What are your current challenges in meeting your current and future workplace skills needs?
  • Are you currently training your employees?
  • How good are your current training providers?
  • Do you have a selection of training providers to select from?
  • What is the satisfaction level of your staff members?
  • How do you invest in your employees in the best training available?
  • Do you know how to reduce your training cost?
  • Do you know the lasting benefits of training in the workplace?

From pre-eligibility assessment of Adult and School Based Traineeship/Apprenticeship, Bunyon works closely with Management to ensure the whole training process from eligibility to completion does run smoothly.

Furthermore, eligible government funded traineeship/ apprenticeship will attract federal or state government incentives for full-time or part-time workers. Bunyon Training Consultancy can assist in the pre-eligibility criteria and for national entities, there could be cost neutral training.

For further savings, Bunyon alerts their clients when qualifications are heavily subsidised or fully funded or if a new funding program is introduced.

Training Delivery Modes: can be delivered at the Workplace 1 on 1 or Group, Online, Workshop, Classroom, Distance, Correspondence or Blended Delivery.

Speak to their friendly Training Consultant for more information.

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